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And so we began …

Custom shirts and More

And so we began …

Welcome, to Custom Shirts and More 2nd blog post. We are nestled in the county of Hampshire in the market town of Alton, close to Chawton, famously the home of Jane Austen. 

I have always been interested in high-quality garments and excellent customer service. Technology is always updating, and I’m continually learning new techniques and new ways to serve your wardrobe. 

Custom Shirts and More began when I couldn’t find a business that could do short runs or one-off orders and that didn’t have expensive setup charges or minimum orders.  

So I looked into purchasing the equipment to produce designs myself. I also thought others like me, entertainers and small business owners would be interested in getting their logos and such onto garments, bags etc.

A great friend of mine and a fellow entertainer ‘Louis Taylor’ was instrumental in pushing me to look into the equipment required. He said he would purchase from me, as would others. 

I always wanted to offer embroidery as a service but started with the digital heat transfers first. When enough people made inquires about embroidery, I knew it was time to launch that side of the business. 

I knew customers coming to me wanted my quality and attention to detail and decided to keep the production and design in house. 

The future is creative …

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