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    In order to make your artwork or logo look stunning and amazing on a variety of different garments such as a Varsity Jacket or Polo Shirt or maybe even a Baseball Cap or Towel we need to get it digitised into a stitch file format.  That way it will look its best and very professional and smart.

    To do that we send your artwork to people who specialise in this service.  There is a one time charge for it.  That means when you reorder more Polo Shirts or Caps in the future with the same artwork you do not need to pay anything except for the product (garment) and a small embroidery charge.

    It couldn’t be simpler to do.  Just add this to your cart and after you have checked out you will be asked to upload your artwork to this product.  We will then double check your artwork is high quality and then send it out to be digitised.  Once it has been digitised we can then embroider it onto any garments you have also ordered at the same time. Simples!

    One thing to note though is that to achieve the best results we would ask that you follow our artwork guidelines and specifications from above.  Our artwork specs can be found on our artwork specifications page.  That way we can ensure we get the best possible results back from it being digitised.  Also please do let us know the size you would like the artwork embroidered.  A standard Polo Shirt left chest is about 100mm tall and 100mm wide.  However for a Baseball Cap it would need to be smaller.  You can just let us know what it is going onto and then we can work with you for the size based upon its placement on the garment.

    We have sent out loads of artwork to be digitised with fantastic results and will always offer advice on whether your artwork would be better transfer printed vs embroidered.  As not all artwork is suitable without some modifications to it.  Our embroidery machine can handle 16 different colours at once!  So most logo’s and artwork come out looking amazing after being digitised!  You can see some examples of embroidered artwork that has been digitised in the product gallery above.

    You can have the following products embroidered:

    • Jackets – All except our rain jackets for obvious reasons!
    • Hoodies
    • Hats – Baseball Caps – Beanies
    • Polo Shirts
    • Shirts
    • T-Shirts
    • Bags

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