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Artwork Specifications

Artwork Specifications

If you are supplying the artwork we will need approve the artwork to make sure it is in one of our specified formats below. Also to check that it is not copyrighted material! You must own all of the copyright or have written permission from the copyright holder of the artwork before we can customise any products with it. Custom Shirts and More will not be held liable for copyright infringement on artwork provided to them by the customer. If we deem the artwork to be copyrighted we will refuse the order.

Acceptable File Formats

We happily accept the following file formats. We have found through experience and with the software we use that they provide the best end results.

  • .png file with transparency
  • .psd file – Photoshop
  • .CDR file – CorelDraw
  • .jpeg file – High Resolution only.
  • .svg file – Scalable Vector Graphic
  • .eps file – Encapsulated postscript
  • .tiff file with transparency

Image Resolution

When providing your artwork or images to use it is very import that the image resolution is as high as possible. For the best results we recommend

  • 300 dpi – Dots Per Inch Minimum

Image Size

Please provide us with the largest size possible of your artwork. Often that will mean it is much larger than the finished size of customised product it is being put onto. Your artwork-image should be at least the size you want the finished piece. Do note that if you provide it smaller than the finished size you want you will get a poor quality. We will not print images if we feel we cannot provide a high quality finish at that size. You cannot increase the detail of a small image that’s low quality by increasing the size of it. However if you start with an image larger than the finished size you need it there will not be any quality loss.

Artwork Bleed

Please make sure that you allow a bleed all the way around the edge of your artwork. Also that you do not place any items right on the edges as a background is preferable to go all the way to the edge. For example text that needs to be readable as it can get cutoff by the transfer process to the finished product!

  • 5mm – 10mm Bleed

Colour Mode

For many of products we require the colour mode of your artwork-image to be RGB Format at 8 bit. However we are able to convert CMYK Format artwork to RGB as required.

  • RGB 8 bit Minimum preferred
  • CMYK – we will convert as required


We have lots of different fonts installed on our systems, but sometimes we will not have your specific font that was used in your artwork on our system. So if you providing artwork in .PSD or .CDR formats please make sure you include the fonts used so that we can load them into our system. Or convert the fonts to curves.

Artwork File Transfer/Uploading

For artwork and image file transfers/uploads to us we use a system built into our website. After you have checked out and paid for your order you will be notified by email to upload artwork for your chosen product(s). If you have ordered a back print on a t-shirt, polo or shirt, or the adjuster strip on a cap etc., you’ll get a chance to upload different artwork for the front and back. We will then check the artwork manually to make sure it meets our specs listed above. Once your artwork has been approved we will then produce your finished product(s) and send your order out. It’s very easy and simple to.

Please contact us by phone if you would like us to check your artwork out before placing an order. We are here to help and happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your artwork-images and what will work best for the product(s) you are after and the colour of the starting product.

Also if you would like we can work with you to design custom artwork for any of our customisable products. Just add a custom artwork product to your cart. We will then work with you on a design and you’ll get the chance to proof it before signing it off and us sending you your customised product!

For any questions visit our contact page.