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Terms and Conditions

Please read and accept our ‘Terms and Conditions’ below.

All orders are subject to our terms and conditions as set out below.

Artwork Copyright

You must either own the copyright to the artwork you are submitting to us or have written permission and provide us with proof. Otherwise we will cancel your order without a refund or just refuse to process and print/transfer your artwork onto products. Custom Shirts and More (Rob Gaffney) will not be held liable for copyright infringement by customers providing copyrighted artwork. That means asking us to print well known brand names images etc. I.E. Disney Characters, or Marvel Characters. Basically unless you can own the copyright to the artwork and can’t show us permission to reproduce it we will not print and customise a product with it. By uploading artwork to us and purchasing products thru our checkout you agree to this. You also agree that Custom Shirts and More cannot be held liable for any copyright infringement issues that may arise due to copyright permissions.

Product Refunds/Returns

The products you are buying on this website www.customshirtsandmore.co.uk are customised for you with artwork either provided by you or created by us for you. As a result of this we cannot except any refunds and returns for goods purchased that have been customised. There are no exceptions to this. As once they have been customised we cannot sell them onto another customer. We will replace faultily goods/products provided there was a fault in the production of the customised finished product: i.e. we created the artwork and printed it in the wrong place by mistake. However if you have approved the final artwork then we will not be liable for any mistakes. It is your responsibility to check all your artwork is correct before submitting it to us to customise a product. As after the printing and transfer process we cannot correct any mistakes as they are now permanent! If you are suppling the product-garment to be customised and a mistake happens you will need to supply extras at your own cost. We will not reimburse the product cost. However if we make a mistake and we have provided the product we will replace it at our cost. Provided the mistake was made by us. Mugs will not be replaced if the artwork starts to peel or come off due to incorrect washing. They are suitable for hand washing and a light cycle in the dishwasher if you must. However only with powder not a power ball! Water Bottles are only suitable for hand washing, and only for water. Putting in any other liquids will cause problems inside your bottle. So please only use them for water as stated on the card that comes with them.

Order Processing Times

Once you have placed an order with us and your payment has cleared you will then be asked to upload your artwork for your product. Once we have manually checked your artwork and approved it you can expect your order to be shipped in a day or two from then if we have the products ordered in stock. Some items may be out of stock with our suppliers and where possible we will offer you a chance to exchange to another product that is in stock. Or to cancel your order for that product. Whilst we do hold some stock on some products there are far to many options for us to hold every size and colour in stock. Our adult basic hoodies for example come in 52 colours and 9 sizes! Your understanding on this is appreciated. Most items are available on a next day delivery to us from our suppliers, and then we would need to allow a day for us to customise your product and ship it out. So in some cases if we don’t have your item in stock it may an extra day or two for your order from the day of final artwork approval.

Orders placed after 1pm on Friday and over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) will processed on the following Monday! If we approve your artwork on a Friday between 1pm and 5:30pm, your order will not move to the customisation stage until the following Monday or when the product(s) are in stock with us. Please do take this into consideration as when placing your order.


Currently we only accept PayPal upon checkout. All orders will be processed once payment has cleared and not before then. Once payment has cleared you will then be asked to upload your artwork to us for approval. Once approved then we will start creating your customised product(s). We will however keep you informed all along the way. We regret that we cannot customise any products until payment has been received. Chargebacks from PayPal will be charged to customer and products will remain ours until the dispute is resolved. In order to help with fraud at this time we are only able to ship to the same address you have registered with PayPal.


We aim to get our orders out pretty quickly and dispatched from when your artwork has received final approval. However please do note that if we are creating the artwork for your product(s) we will need your approval on the final artwork and this may add some time your order. Also we may have other orders ahead of you that are being processed or customised. However where possible we will try and minimise any delays. If you require your order quicker and are under time constraints please call us before placing your order. We can then let you know if we can meet your time schedule. Also we do offer a rush service for orders where you are providing the artwork for your product(s). So once we have received your artwork and approved it, we can speed the order to the front of the cue. However please do note that is provided we have your product(s) in stock here or with our supplier on next day delivery to us. At peek times of the years, like December rush orders may not always be possible due to things outside of our own control.


Shipping times are outside of our control. So we cannot be help responsible for any delays in the shipping time once the product(s)/order has left us. If you need the products quicker please do contact us as we may be able to offer you a quicker shipping option at an additional price. Currently we use Royal Mail for 1st Class delivery. Anything above that is an extra charge.

Product/Garment Care

Our garments are suitable for normal washing cycles in a washing machine at up to 40c, however you MUST NOT tumble dry them under any circumstances as the artwork will start to come off and peel! You have been warned. Also please do not iron the decoration part of the garment as that can lead to problems as well. We do have some transfers that can be ironed, and instructions are always given with each garment as to the care. Finally we always recommend turning your garment inside out before washing. That way the decoration is protected during the wash cycle. Then hang to dry. We have tested all of our garments and as long as you follow the instructions included with the garment they should last you as long as the garment! We wear customised garments that we have done using our process and had no trouble washing them in standard cycle of our washing machine at up to 40c and then hanging them up on a hanger to dry!

Mugs/ Water Bottles we would recommend hand washing as the best. Especially for the Water Bottles as they cannot be put in the dishwasher! With the mugs if you must put them in then use the top shelf and powder only on a short lower temperature wash. Unless it is stated on the particular mug product page. Some of our mugs are only hand wash. We will not replace mugs where the image/artwork has started to peel due to washing in the dishwasher incorrectly. We have tested mugs in our dishwashers and found out what works best, and what causes issues. Higher temps, and longer cycles along with power balls due cause peeling etc. Please read the card that comes with your mug(s) and or water bottles. Water Bottles should only be used for water! Other liquids will damage the inside of the bottle.

Coasters/Placemats – our coasters and placemats are not waterproof on both sides. So do not submerse them in water completely. To clean them take a damp cloth with some soap and wipe them clean.

Glass Chopping Boards are not dishwasher proof! Please hand wash these items.

Cool Stuff: Can Coolers, Bottle Shirts, Bottle Wraps, Small Glasses Cases, Sun Glasses Cases etc. and Mousemats-Fabric Coasters are not washable. If you require a wipeable surface to them then please enquire about having them cover sealed. This will add a cover to them and help protect the image on the surface of the product. Not all products can be cover sealed. Mainly our fabric coasters and mousemats etc. can be and a few of our sign products. An option for this is available on the product pages at time of adding then to your cart. If you do not see if then it isn’t available.
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